Shitty Meme Team founded by vasyan just for keks.
vasyan - stole big shekel from Gaben and got his account suspended for doing so.
Mordestein - nice memer :^)
Gurchik - nice YTPMVmaker
serega aka Sergenius - my beste cs_office bruder

The Jewish Conglomerate. Nothing more, nothing less. We own gold stashes around the world. Shape the message in your media. Spend your money to control the world without your knowledge.

Shekelium Internal

Shekelium is the weapon of choice for the Jewish Conglomerate. Initially based on TGF source code, this cheat has become much more powerful, with many parts of it being rewritten and many new features being added. Not available to goyim :-)

Shekelium Lite

A meme that doesn't exist, you can give us your $7,5 and we will give you nothing in return :^)

Kosher Reportbot

Tired of goyim using illegal and non-kosher memes? Want to make it "worth" their while? We're here for you! Send us goy's profile numbers and MatchID (not necessary) and we will take good care of him.
Pricing: $1 per 11 reports

Hall of Shame

List of people who did not believe in power of Jewish Reportbot :^)